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S A T U R D A Y   F E V E R 


Men In Suits At The Football

Before we donned the newest home shirt
Levi’s and DM boots
We football fans attended games
In our sharpest suits

In the days before Nike trainers
And team crest-branded caps
Fans would flock wearing polished brogues
And velvet bowler hats

The way the times change
Is amazing too see
From the days of my great-granddad
All the way through to me

And as I return from game after game
In retro shirts and jeans
I look back on the way things have changed
And wonder what it all means

'Cause fashion changes as a rate of knots
It’s really quite a range
But regardless of what we wear
Our passion for the game will never change.

Luke Innes

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In celebration for FC Köln being promoted to the Bundesliga… I thought I would share with you guys my video from when I went to Cologne and to a match. I absolutely loved the city and the people. I can’t wait to go back again. 

Congrats again FC Köln! 


The Beautiful Game in Brasil: Photography by Christopher Pillitz

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